Bob Dylan – Tempest Songs In Buffalo, NY 2013 (Rare)

This is I think the first time he played multiple tracks from Tempest on one show (certainly the first time he played more than 2 I guess). The first time he played them all in 2013. The songs are:
1. Soon After Midnight (just the third ever performance after being played twice in 2012, I posted the live debut already)
2. Early Roman Kings (the 8th total performance, after being the first Tempest song to be played live, and played more than any other song from that album in the year 2012, a total of 7 times, also posted the live debut)
3. Pay In Blood (just the second performance ever, he debuted it in Detroit 2012, I still haven’t found that version, but once I do I am posting it)
4. Scarlet Town (just the second ever performance, you have the live debut on my channel from Winnipeg where it got booed! )

thank you and enjoy.

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