Led Zeppelin – Live in Philadelphia, PA (February 8th, 1975) – Stutes Two Source Remaster

Special thanks to Stutes for his excellent two source merge and remaster of this great show!

Linear notes from Stutes:

“Since I had read good reviews of this show, saying that this was the first good one of their 1975 tour, I wanted to listen to it.

This is a very good audience recording but the sound level is quite low, so I tried to improve that. FYI I also downloaded “Broad Street Bullies (A Group Personal Project)” thinking that it would be a good remaster. Not really, the sound level is as low as the original source and it’s not as clear (most probably because of the added reverb, EQ).

All tracks have been equalized and normalized, the dynamic range has been reduced. The sound is therefore more powerful, you can hear everything more clearly. The drawback is that, depending on your audio gear, it can also sound harsh. What you have here is the raw result, without additional EQ to make the sound warmer, less harsh,… You can easily do that yourself if you need to.

Some people might prefer the original Stutes source and just turn up the volume so I uploaded it too.”

Stairway had to be edited due to copyright.

0:00 Intro
0:25 Rock and Roll (cut)
3:24 Sick Again
9:29 Over the Hills and Far Away
16:51 In My Time of Dying
28:03 The Song Remains the Same
33:25 The Rain Song
41:48 Kashmir
50:48 No Quarter
1:08:37 Trampled Underfoot
1:16:09 Moby Dick
1:35:51 Dazed and Confused
2:04:42 Stairway to Heaven (partial)
2:10:44 Whole Lotta Love
2:11:58 Black Dog
2:18:22 Heartbreaker

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