Pink Floyd /// Happiest Days/Brick 2 (Live @ Earl's Court 1980-81) RARE FOOTAGE


So it’s that time of the year again, more footage, more edits, bigger compilations.

DISCLAIMER: The Fixed Immersion “But in the town” shot is still under work, as it is very hard to correct with all of the colours and lighting needed, so it is not present in this video.

My first one took a week to do, and it was uploaded on April 10th 2019, then my second took 2 days and was uploaded May 13th, but I wasn’t proud of it so I re-did that one and uploaded the third on May 22nd, and I haven’t done one since.

Since then, I have found tons of new footage, with help from the Discord Community, and some of my subscribers to provide links and useful information for me to keep these videos coming. I thank you all for the help and I hope to continue finding more, whether it’s new videotape, June film (which I have more to show you guys, wink) or even fucking projections, we need as much as we can find.

Also sometime today it was announced that the Later Years box-set would drop on November 29th. With this news, it’s sad to say that we might not get anything for The Wall’s 40th anniversary, considering it would be on November 30th. But we can hope that Us & Them has something, or more documentaries come out eventually, in regards to some sort of shit related to The Wall Live.

Discord Community, surrounding “The Wall Live – 1980-81”:

Massive thanks to Carl, Tom, Stephen, Kyle, and Cigar.

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